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Design is the driving force behind product development and the selection of our ranges. More and more people are on the move, living parallel lifestyles. Both modern and traditional fabrics have to stand the test of re-interpretation.

The challenge our designers face is not only to keep up with the trends, but to think a step further. Together with our teams they develop collections with new materials, qualities and textures. They think about innovative care solutions and new qualities and meet customers to weave their special wishes. Design stimulates us, and that’s why we bring more than 350 original designs to market every year.

Icaiplast SpA

Since 1974 the company has been operating in the production and marketing sector of synthetic leathers, materials coated in PVC (polyvinylchloride) and PU (polyurethane).

We have always created unique materials, thanks to a continual experimentation which combines technology, fashion trends and rapport with our clientele. It is a constant commitment in collaboration with the comprehensive sales network which we use to offer assistance to our clientele for the best selling products and the study of articles which are tailor-made for the consumer.
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